Our Story


Sarah and I have been together since we were teenagers and have always dreamt of starting our own business. We wanted to create somewhere that was based around family and community and create a “home from home” atmosphere. We lived in London for 13 years and moved back to Sussex when we had our son, Warren. When we first visited the poly tunnels, we could tell the space had enormous potential; with scope for workshops, classes, supper clubs, film, music, performance and on and on. We want the venue to grow into a hub for the local community, with food and culture at its core.

I have worked in catering and the food industry since graduating in 2006. I spent most of that time working on marketing and menu development for a chain of healthy eating restaurants in London. I've been lucky enough to learn the business from kitchen porter to senior management, working closely with the founders. I learned about food, ingredients and suppliers as well as making some invaluable contacts. I am applying the ethos of simple, healthy eating to what we're doing in the kitchen at Sussex Mother, aiming to use local, seasonal ingredients as the starting point for everything we put on the menu.

A little gem of a place! So glad I’ve found it. Perfect for parents who want a decent coffee whilst the children entertain themselves in the play area directly next to them! Recommending to all my friends!
— Happy Customer